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Take the fast internet with you and benefit from Tech Fest offer up to 42% discount.


Take the fast internet with you and benefit from Tech Fest offer up to 42% discount.

Wherever you go this summer, take the fast internet with you!

Stay online and navigate through your laptop or tablet with the AMC 3G WIFI modem. Just plug it in the socket and create instantly a Wi-Fi hotspot, in the beach, at home or wherever you are. 

AMC 3G WIFI modem gives you the possibility to:

  • Get connection to the fastest 3G network by AMC.
  • Establishing a WiFi network serving as a wireless modem.
  • Plug  the USB in a wall socket in the absence of a Laptop or PC.

So, using AMC WiFi USB offers the possibility to share 3G internet through a wireless network, everywhere you may be, indoor and outdoors.

AMC WiFi is a practical solution to users whom:

  • Live in locations where there neither ADSL nor cable. *(This offer is the best option to have access in internet at home and in the office.)
  • Need fast mobile internet.
  • Travel often, and are no office based.
  • Use only basic features of internet like browsing, emails, calls, Facebook, Skype . *(This connection is not recommended for big downloads like videos, etc.,)

You may find AMC WiFi with Tech Fest offer in AMC shops all over Albania:

AMC WIFI USB  21.6 Mbps +1 month internet

  • for only 5,990 Lek 3,500 lekë x 6 GB/month

AMC WIFI USB  21.6 Mbps + 3 months internet

  • for only 6,990 Lek 4,500 lekë x 6 GB/month

After consuming their volumes of GB, you can choose to activate one of the AMC Mobile Broadband packages, starting from 550 Lek/month

Monthly bundle 1GB

 1 MONTH bundle

 3 MONTH bundle

 6 MONTH bundle

Monthly volume

1 GB

4 GB

4 GB

4 GB


550 Lek

1,000 Lek

 2,500 Lek

4,500 Lek

*Activation- SMS to 142 with text:





*MB Balance check - SMS tO 142 with text:





*Activation and recharging can be performed in all AMC shops.

Click for more info on AMC Mobile Broadband.

How to use it:

Place your AMC WiFi USB in a PC, laptop or plug in a wall socket and you will have Wireless connection immediately for PC, Laptop-in, Tablet and Mobile Phone.

Full list of features of AMC WiFi USB.

  • 3G network
  • Up to 21.6 Mbps DL and 5,76 Mbps UL
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n
  • Up to 10 other devices connected simultaneously
  • Windows XP /Vista/7/8; Mac OSX 10.5 – 10.8

You are welcomed in all AMC shops for further information/questions and to experience the device.

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