Now, you can easily and free of charge get your bill in an electronic way, within the first week of each month!

All you need is just one valid e-mail account. You can find below more info on the service (e-bill) and its advantages:

How to activate the e-bill service?

  1. Ask for the e-bill activation form in every AMC shop, fill it and hand to shop representative, don't forget to carry with you a valid identity document (ID or passport).
  2. Within 24 hours you will receive via emain or SMS your credentials to use the online service: username and password
  3. Visit AMC website and E-bill section.
  4. Click here to enter e-bill platform and to view your electronic invoice, you have to accept the terms and conditions in order to access it.

What you will find upon clicking www.ebill.amc.al?

  1. Previous balance
  2. Access to view all the last 12 months invoices
  3. Bill analysis, statistics, and costs per each call performed
  4. Dialed numbers/date/hour/call duration
  5. Invoice download option in the selected format (PDF, TXT, XML, EXCEL)


Advantages of e-bill

  1. Avoids the loss of invoice or delays
  2. Maximal security
  3. It can be accessed anytime during the day or night
  4. Notification via email on monthly balance
  5. Saves paper to a more echo-friendly approach

Please visit one of our AMC shops to activate your e-bill service.

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