AMC Transfer

Transfer your AMC credit to your AMC friends with AMC Trasnfer service.

All prepaid AMC customers can transfer credit to another prepaid AMC customer. The credit you are transfering may be between 100 lekë and 500 lekë / day (and not more than 2,500 lek / month)


  • Send an SMS containing:

                     -the amount you wish to transfer

                     -than space and than the mobile number where you wish to transfer your credit

                     -and send it at 55588.

                      Example: 500 068yyxxxxx (sent at 55588).

  •  Immediately after you will receive a message asking you to confirm the transfer. Select “Po” to confirm or “Jo” to cancel it and send it back as a text message at 55588.

  • Both sender and receiver will be notified through an SMS about the amount transfered and the new balance.

AMC Transfer is valid only when the sender holds a minimum of 20.00 lek + the amount to be transfered. The charge of this service is 20.00 lek (VAT included) for the succesful transfers.

Note! Please follow the transfer instructions carefully.

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